Monday, March 3, 2008

No Uranium Show

Tues. Mar. 4, 8:30pm, at The Spill (414 George N)

 This show is meant to raise awareness and funds in support of Paula
 Sherman and Bob Lovelace, as well as the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation
 and broader community members in their opposition to a uranium mine
 near Sharbot Lake, Ontario.

 All funds raised will go directly to support the legal defense fund
 for the Ardoch. There will also be petitions to sign and letters to
 send to members of the Ontario government. Please come out to support
 these individuals and communities. We can all play a part in
 protecting human rights, the environment, and our future. Small
 actions can go a long way.

 The show is FREE, with a suggested donation of $5, or PWYC. The fines
 placed on the Ardoch community, Paula Sherman, and Bob Lovelace
 collectively amount to $50,000. This means that any small contribution
 from each of us can help significantly.


 - The Daniel Huizenga Band (featuring Paul)
 - Nicholas Keays
 - Vin Heney

 *with special guests TBA!*

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