Friday, March 7, 2008

A message from Peter Tabuns (Ontario NDP Critic on Energy and the Environment)

Thank you for coming to this very important rally. Your support is welcome and appreciated by the Ontario NDP.
This is a very sad time in the history of Ontario. The McGuinty government stands in contempt of its responsibility to hold meaningful consultations with First Nations on activities affecting their traditional lands and yet, First Nation Leaders, like Robert Lovelace and Paula Sherman, are being made to suffer the consequences. The McGuinty government in its mad dash for more nuclear power has failed to consult with Ontarians and has exempted its own nuclear plans from the provincial environmental assessment process. Now the McGuinty government is failing to undertake meaningful consultations with the Ardoch First Nation while letting a uranium exploration company run roughshod over the Ardoch First Nation's rights. Clearly, this is a government committed to the nuclear industry at any cost. There is a very disturbing trend developing across the province, whereby the constitutional rights of First Nations are being shamelessly violated by the McGuinty government.
New Democrats agree with Amnesty International and others that the McGuinty government must stop breaching its own legal obligations to First Nations and to the people of Ontario. We need an immediate moratorium on uranium mining in Eastern Ontario so meaningful consultations with the Ardoch First Nation are undertaken and a mutually acceptable resolution is reached.
In Solidarity
Peter Tabuns, MPP

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